Science Jen

Photo of Jen Seron/ Science Jen
Pre-K student drawing after Science Jen class about atoms, photo by Jen Seron
Full Circle Science Logo Image of earth's colorful biodiversity
Drawing of syllabus for Plant Evolution college course by Jen Seron/ Science Jen
Full Circle Science logo is photo collage of earth's colorful biodiversity by Jen Seron
Drawing of diverse learners and a bridge over water by Jen Seron

Full Circle Science is a preK through 8th grade science curriculum and framework that provides coherent, interconnected, multidisciplinary science lessons that every child, no matter their learning style or academic level, can enjoy anyplace (at home, outside, in parks and museums, online, blended, in classrooms); and science lessons that every instructor, whether a dedicated science instructor, general education teacher, or homeschool parent can look forward to teaching. 

The ultimate goal of the Full Circle Science curriculum is to build science-literate, self-confident, authentic, mindful individuals with healthy lifelong habits including the ability to utilize the scientific process in daily life. Science can be fun for everyone!​ Using Full Circle Science you can empower students while creating exciting learning environments to teach science and the scientific process. Use science as a tool to optimize and actualize the potential of every child! Full Circle Science contextualizes learning within a broader framework of health, equity, responsibility,and survival/sustainability (HERS); the pandemic illustrates that it is no longer acceptable to design anything without considering its impact on people and the world we share! The publisher's website to purchase Full Circle Science is here! 

If you want more information, please keep reading. If you want to see what books and media are available, please click on this Full Circle Science link to the publisher's web site.

Jen Seron developed Full Circle Science lesson-by-lesson over ten years for homeschoolers, outside in parks and at museums, in classrooms, and afterschool programs, and online. Jen created specific lessons in response to specific student interests and the obvious need for a cohesive, iterative, comprehensive, interdisciplinary science curriculum which would not only meet state and national standards but also excite children and teachers, connect one lesson to the next, from topic to topic, and among Life, Earth and Space, Physical and Chemical Sciences, meet the developmental and academic needs of a variety of learners with wildly different learning-styles, and be relevant to individuals in the context of their own lives, family, classes, schools, communities, and society.  The goal of each Full Circle Science lesson is to empower and inspire students to optimize their own unique talents using the scientific method and to both learn and enjoy doing science now and as lifelong learners.

Full Circle Science evolved over a period of over ten years while Jen Seron taught various levels of science to PreK through undergraduate young people in New York City. This curriculum is iterative, meaning that topics are repeated from year to year, building deep understanding across the realms of scientific inquiry. Each year students start the year with a focus on the self as an individual and end with the self as a member of the global community.  Instructors can select activities that meet the needs of individual children, multiple grades, their school, district, state and also the national standards--without sacrificing coherence and continuity. The Full Circle Science curriculum is iterative so once an instructor and student understand the basic structure of science then they'll be able to navigate through any topic, understanding the interconnectedness of science and the world we inhabit.

Children deserve to understand the beauty and interconnectedness of the natural world we share; they deserve a science curriculum that empowers them to develop their own talents as they hone their observations skills, apply the scientific method to real life, and experience life's interconnectedness firsthand. Instructors deserve more support not only with meeting standards, but also with background information, interdisciplinary applications, differentiated lesson plans of use to a variety of teaching styles and strengths. Instructors and young people deserve a science curriculum that promotes authenticity and mindfulness, as well as contextualizes their relationships to family, class, school, community, society, earth, and our universe. Check out Full Circle Science at the publisher's link for sample pages. See: https://www.rfwp.com/series/science-and-me


Jen earned an M.S. at University of Illinois for studying the climate change on Rice for the EPA as well as an M.F.A. from SVA in NYC. Facilitated at U Michigan's teacher training, taught art classes for Parson’s. Over ten years developed, taught, and tested Full Circle Science while volunteering as a Learning Leader in NYC public schools, at the American Museum of Natural History, as a science mentor for middle- schoolers, while working as  "Science Teacher Jen" or "Science Jen" at an afterschool program, an Early Childhood program at the Vanderbilt YMCA, in collaboration with the Urban Park Rangers in New York City to offer additional outdoor homeschool classes, as a secular homeschool instructor, while teaching Scientific Inquiry at St. John's University in Queens, online using Zoom during the pandemic, and as a curriculum and program designer. Jen teaches online science to students in NYC and everywhere! She is working with the publisher Royal Fireworks Press so that the Full Circle learning environment will be available to everyone! Purchase Full Circle Science here!