Drawing of syllabus for Plant Evolution college course by Jen Seron/ Science Jen

Science Jen

Full Circle Science Logo Image of earth's colorful biodiversity

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Pre-K student drawing after Science Jen class about atoms, photo by Jen Seron
Full Circle Science can meet your needs!
​Science Jen is available in evenings and on weekends for science consultation.
Please send an email if you're interested in:

Online or Outside
Homeschool Science Consulting
Individualized Instruction and Mentoring in Science
Science Classes and Custom Curriculum Development
Peer Mentoring Opportunities
Family Consultations about Science
Customized Full Circle Curriculum for Instructors, Schools, and Districts
Teacher Training in the Full Circle Paradigm
Highly Capable/G&T, 2e, and Special Ed Science
Science Enrichment 
​After-school Programs

Photo of Jen Seron/ Science Jen
Drawing of diverse learners and a bridge over water by Jen Seron
Full Circle Science logo is photo collage of earth's colorful biodiversity by Jen Seron